Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae

Donovan McElroy
Don is a college student, living with his parents in Phoenix, AZ, until his 21st birthday when they are killed in a car accident. An only child, he inherits the house but doesn't want to live alone. His best friend, Chris has just moved back to Phoenix from L.A., and Don offers him a place to stay while he gets a job and looks for a place of his own. Don has also been having nightmares since his parents died, but eventually these stop and he starts dreaming of a beautiful lady, "the woman of his dreams" he calls her. When he meets Lilith, the friend of Chris' new girlfriend Anna, he realizes she is the same woman he has been dreaming of.
Voiced by Dan Shaurette (also provides Narration)
Dan is a writer, self-published author, podcaster, father, husband and goth-geek fangbanger. Dan enjoys talking about himself in the third person. He is a native of Phoenix, AZ, now living in Tempe, AZ. A mild-mannered software developer by day, but by night he’s a champion of vampires everywhere. He has been a fan of immortal bloodsuckers ever since seeing Bela Lugosi’s Dracula as a young child. A steady diet of classic 80’s fangflicks like The Lost Boys, Fright Night and My Best Friend Is A Vampire only cemented his teenage fascination. In 1993 he wrote his vampire novel, LILITH’S LOVE, while attending Arizona State Univ., and he self-published it in 2000. In 2008, he and his beloved wife Michelle created the Out Of The Coffin podcast where they discuss vampires in fiction, pop culture, and the vampyres who live next door. He is naturally also a rabid fan of Buffy Between the Lines, and is proud to be a blogger for Joss'd (writing usually about vampires, natch) and is also a member of the voice talent and sound effects crew for Angel Between The Lines. You can also stalk him on Twitter @DanS42, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a plethora of other websites.

Christian Armstrong
Chris and Don met in grade school and are best friends. Even when Chris and his family moved to California, Don and Chris stayed in touch. Chris grew up in the City of Angels and had a steady girlfriend in Mary Jane Hill. But when Chris decided to move back to Phoenix, Mary Jane decided to stay behind. The plan was that she would move out eventually when he had a place of his own. Moving back home was harder than he thought, so he looked up his old friend Don while he was staying with extended family. When Don's parents died, Chris was worried about him. When Don offered to let Chris move in with him, and hopefully move into the rental next door, it seemed like a good plan. But Mary Jane couldn't wait forever and broke up with Chris. That was the impetus Chris needed to find a Wiccan coven in town and meet new people. It is at a Samhain event that he meets Anna and finds that they have a lot in common, and the two start dating. When Mary Jane comes back to town though, all hell breaks loose and everyone's lives change forever.
Voiced by Karl Long
Karl and Dan have been best friends since they met in the 6th grade. Karl is a natural singer and has studied acting as well. He's also an audiophile and a huge computer geek. To this day, Dan does not know how Karl has avoided creating his own podcast, on any of a number of different topics. To begin to right this wrong, Dan browbeat Karl into submission to give a voice to Christian, the character he inspired so long ago. You can stalk him on Facebook, if you dare.

Lilith Thompson
Lilith had called New Orleans home for about 20 years before she had to pack up and leave. As she has been a vampire for about 300 years, she is used to being on the run. She probably would have left sooner, but her friend Anna convinced her to stay. But when you live somewhere too long and you never age, rumors become suspicions, and New Orleans was now a mecca for vampire hunters. For three centuries she stayed on the east coast and decided it was time for true change. Believing no one would expect to find vampires in the Valley of the Sun, they started driving I-10 until they hit Phoenix, AZ.
Michelle is an anti-technology chick who was dragged into the world of podcasting kicking and screaming by her husband, Dan Shaurette. She is the co-host (the cute one) of the Out Of The Coffin podcast and amusing muse for Dan. Born and raised in Salem, MA, she moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2002 because she refused to shovel snow any longer. She currently refuses to have a Twitter account, but begrudgingly does have a Facebook account.

Anna Foster
In Anna's 22 years, she has seen and lived through a lot of hell. The day her life changed was when she met Lilith and discovered that she was a vampire. How they met is not revealed in the first book, but we know that they are good friends and take care of each other. When the vampire hunters find Lilith, Anna is the one who helps her leave New Orleans. She is Lilith's daytime protector and best friend. She is a wiccan herbalist but does not like the epithet "witch". She does not fall in love easily as she doesn't trust most people. But when she meets Christian, she feels she's found someone she can open her heart to.
Voiced by Dani Cutler
I swear that I can't listen to a podiobook or short story anthology podcast without hearing Dani Cutler's voice. She's everywhere, our infamous Audio Addict. The day she agreed to voice Anna was a day of happy dancing. If you are lucky enough to live, work, or play in the East Valley, you can hear her DJ on KWSS 106.7 FM (or there's the streaming audio if you aren't). If you care about politics, you should listen to her podcast, TruthSeekers. Better yet, if you don't care about politics, have a listen, as it might chip away your apathy. She always welcomes debate on the show about all topics. Finally, there's too many other podcasts as I said where you can hear her voicing characters, but most recently she was in Chris Lester's Metamor City: Making the Cut. Also be sure to visit Escape Pod, as she can be heard there often as well. You can follow her on Twitter @TSDivaDani.

Supporting Cast

Jack Mangan as Michael Barrett
Jack Mangan is sick of your crap. He's also an author, podcaster, musician, father, etc., born in New Jersey, now residing in Arizona. He's been involved with online audio media since early 2005, and was among the first to join Scott Sigler and Tee Morris as podcast novelists with his #1 Podiobooks title, SPHERICAL TOMI. In addition, his weekly Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast has been featured in Wiley's EXPERT PODCASTING PRACTICES FOR DUMMIES. The Deadpan community gathered in September 2009 for its first Deadpan MMMMMeetup. Jack seeks to shake up perceptions and provoke thought through music, comedy, writing and his outspoken, sometimes controversial views. Learn more about Jack's writing, his music, and the Deadpan community at JackMangan.com or follow him on Twitter @JackMangan, although he doesn't say very much. And if I may add, Jack Mangan's SPHERICAL TOMI was the very first podiobook I ever heard and I often credit/blame him for thinking that I could podcast my novel someday. My next goal: cultivate a community of awesome folks who would be willing to come to AZ just to hang out with me.

Jack Hosley as Jake
Jack Hosley, aka WNDRWolf, is the host of WanderRadio, which is a very eclectic podcast that has restored my faith in variety shows. He plays music of different genres, often in the same episode, and also gives news, interviews and produces some excellent audio dramas. It is always full of awesome and if you like any of the above, you'll love WanderRadio. You can follow him on Twitter @WNDRWolf.

CJ Feierabend as Mary Jane Hill
CJ is a force of nature and an amazing person. She's a mommy of two who you may know from the Quick and Dirty Tips Network of podcasts as The Mighty Mommy. She was also the co-host, with her ex-husband Dan, of the coolest Star Trek podcast EVAR, Love Long and Prosper. She can also be heard from time to time on Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast. After she had read LILITH'S LOVE, she told me that she'd love to read the part of Mary Jane. I was humbled and I realized then that I could really make this podiobook happen. You can follow her on Twitter @CjPhx.

Dan Feierabend as The Master
Dan was the producer and co-host of the Love Long and Prosper Star Trek podcast and the hilarious ROFLWOW World of Warcraft podcast. He is also the editor of most if not all of the podcasts for the Quick and Dirty Tips Network. You can follow him on Twitter @Danthol.

Robert Gallagher as Malcolm
Bob is Michelle's son, and he is a regular contributor on the Out Of The Coffin podcast as our video game guru and is often a third voice when we review movies. He's a teen, so he has a MySpace page, natch.


Chris Lester as Joe the Bartender
Chris Lester is the creator of the award-winning podcast fiction anthology, Metamor City, which is set in his unique world where modern technology meets myth and magic. In Metamor City, you will find many different folks, most of which are Cursed by the city, and others are creatures of legend, including vampires, psychics, demigods, and wizards. He is a talented writer and podcaster, a wonderful voice actor, and an all-around awesome dude. You can follow him on Twitter @Etherius.

Paul Maki as Rob Stevens
Paul Maki, aka John Boze, is the mighty force behind the audio serial "Really Big Things". He is also a member of the cast and crew of Buffy Between the Lines and Angel Between the Lines. He's also a regular contributor to Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @ReallyBigThings.

J. Daniel Sawyer as the Border Guard
J. Daniel Sawyer is another of my favorite podcasting authors. His stories are delicious, delightful debaucheries that pull you deep into strange new worlds. Moreover, I can listen to his voice all day long. He has that perfect cadence that can tell a tale and draw you in. I first discovered him through his short story anthology Sculpting God and his story about Lilith, which was truly divine. I then started listening to Predestination and Other Games of Chance, but got distracted and lost it for a long time, then rediscovered him again through Down From Ten, and then I jumped back to Predestination and never looked back. Any description by me of his novels would do them serious injustice, so you should go check them out for yourself. Trust me. He has talent in spades... like a royal flush. You can follow him on Twitter @dsawyer.

TD-0013 as the Patrolman
TD-0013 is a member of the 501st Stormtrooppers Legion, and his podcast, A Different Point Of View, sheds light on the dangerous Rebel Alliance and Jedi Propaganda. This stormtrooper sure gets around, as he's also appeared in Metamor City and JC Hutchins' 7TH Son: Obsidian. You can follow him on Twitter @TD0013.

Evo Terra as George Shaeffer
What can I say about Evo that he hasn't said a million times already? Seriously, though, besides being the host of his irreverant podcast Evo @ 11, he is the mastemind behind Podiobooks.com. He co-authored Wiley's PODCASTING FOR DUMMIES and EXPERT PODCASTING PRACTICES FOR DUMMIES. He is a social media force to be reckoned with and ignored at your own peril. You can follow him on Twitter @Evo_Terra (and you probably already are).

Gilane Jones as New Age Girl
Gilane is a talented young woman with a singing voice that will blow your mind. It was a stroke of luck to have her behind the microphone to bring a small, yet pivotal character to life in LILITH'S LOVE. She's another one of those folks who you should keep an eye on. If she doesn't get on a podcast soon, I shall have to create one just for her. No Twitter for this girl, either. Slackers! But she does have a Facebook page.

Jose Carradero as Lord Jonathan
Jose Carradero is one of the many editors for Buffy Between the Lines and Angel Between the Lines. He was the voice of Alan Finch the Deputy mayor on Season two of Buffy Between the Lines. He's also one of the editors for Squint Squad, a podcast all about the Fox TV series Bones.

Robin Hudson as Lady Katia
Robin Hudson teaches English as a Second Language at a university in Seoul, South Korea. You can hear her in roles on various podcasts including The Magic of Eyri, Buffy Between the Lines, and Angel Between the Lines.
You can follow her on Twitter @RobinInSeoul.

Nuchtchas as Waitress
Last, and certainly not least, is the lovely and talented Nuchtchas, the Podcast Ninja! She answered a last minute call for voice talent, and sadly, by this time, I had only a single line of dialogue for her. However, the artful mistress of her craft that she is, she turned in a wonderful audition, and I hope I will have the chance to work with her again in other projects. You can find her work all over Buffy Between The Lines, SciFi Dig, Geek by Night, and Your Moment of Kim. You can follow her on Twitter @Nuchtchas.

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